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7 Minute Workout Song | Tabata Songs

Hey, I'm Ash Crawford We're a Pioneer Valley CrossFit in Northampton, Massachusetts Today we're doing the 7 minute workout. I'll be following along to the 7 minute workout song by Tabata songs on Spotify Welcome to the 7 minute workout let's start with jumping jacks in 5 4 3 2 1 GO Up next wall sit 3 2 1 go 3 2 1 Stop  push-ups are next Three two one go Time for some crunches Up next step ups You ready put some squats? Let's go Tricep dips are next.

On the floor, let's do a plank High knees running in place Here we go in five four threevtwo one go Lunges are next All right, push-up with rotation Plank on your left side Plank on your right side. This is the last one 3 2 1 GO. Stop

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