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Principles on Health Care Reform

As Americans prepare to cast their votes in the 2020 presidential election, healthcare dominates the public dialogue. People are concerned about healthcare access, cost, quality, and the uncertain future of patient protections in the Affordable Care Act. Hi, I'm Nancy Brown.

chief executive officer of the American Heart Association. Since 2010, 18.2 million people have gained healthcare coverage largely due to the Affordable Care Act. Another 44 million people are underinsured, meaning their health insurance is inadequate to meet their needs. Guided by our mission to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives, the American Heart.

Association is working to improve healthcare for all people in our nation. This heart month, we released our new principles on healthcare reform, a blueprint to ensure healthcare is adequate, accessible, and affordable for everyone in America. Our principles include expanding access to affordable care and coverage regardless of preexisting conditions, increasing.

the availability of evidence-based preventive services, eliminating bias based on race, sex, gender, and geography, strengthening the public health system, promoting diversity and cultural competency within the healthcare workforce, and making investments in biomedical research a national priority. The American Heart Association has a proud 96 year history of leading improvements in health and healthcare. We publish these principles during election season so that we can respond to healthcare proposals from candidates and elected officials.

We will review proposals without regard for political party or ideology, but with the best interests of patients and consumers in mind. Strong employer-sponsored healthcare can also power change and I'm inspired by companies that are prioritizing employee wellbeing and creating healthier workplaces and communities.

Innovative leadership can spark a nationwide movement. We all have a role to play in improving healthcare. Learn what you can do by visiting heart.org.

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