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Broken Cultures in Health Care

One of the problems in health care is that we have broken cultures in health care. And that senior doctors or especially hospital administrators don't know what their job is.

When you ask them, "What's your priority?" They say "patients." No, it's not. It's to take care of the people who work in the hospital. You take care of the people who take care of the people.

That's what you do. Every administrator and every senior doctor and senior nurse should be preoccupied with one thing and one thing only: are my doctors OK, are my nurses OK, is my staff OK? And if you get that right they will devote all of their time and energy to taking care of each other and the patients. The problem is we have cultures in which they .

think money is more important or patients are more important or anything else other than the doctors, the nurses and the staff. And so the doctors, the nurses and staff are forced every day to spend time and energy to protect themselves from their own leaders and take energy away from doing the right thing for the patients.

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